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  My Music Player by Astec Akey.

  Please Use The Broad band. 高速 光回線、ADSLの常時接続でお使いください
  Auto Start ---> PageOpen 10second times Later. Medley of the Music.
  Please use the audio equipment if possible.
  image button . go to page usemanual HELP page. 使い方 [use Manual language Japanese/English.] image button . go to page usemanual HELP page.
  Stop music --> 1 Click image buttom.  for stop the Music.  Click the button mark .
  Replay --> 1 Click image  Replay music (Player) Click the button mark . One more, Play this Music
  Skip --> 1 Click image Skip Music (player) Click the button mark . The following schedule music is performed.

Music Player Version 7-014SK Group Random oldies/retro musics.

タイトル・アーチスト 1018-songs 
タイトルリスト表は ==>  image Click  別ページでも表示可能

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